Glamour,Beauty and Veterans Hit The Red Carpet in Hollywood

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Babes in Toyland Red Carpet Stunners

Hollywood has no shortage of red carpet events and beautiful people. On any given day you can find parties, movie premiers and nearly anything related to entertainment going on. It is no wonder why in many ways Hollywood is seen as the entertainment capital of world. People from all over the world make their pilgrimage to this famous Southern California town and attempt to follow their dreams of being an actor, model or celebrity. Some even make it to the stage or the silver screen, and that is always exciting. But, sometimes even though it is a serious business (at least professionally) there are those moments where the celebrities and personalities come out to show off their assets and to party. That was the case with the 6th Annual Babes In Toyland Show (for Supporting the Troops). This show was the perfect meld of Hollywood flash and panache and doing it for a cause that we can all get behind: the troops.

We had been to Babes in Toyland way back when and having heard of it for years it was a pretty amazing spectacle to be a part of. This show has a reputation of being larger than life and that mainly has to do with all of the beautiful people and charisma that is on display. From famous internet celebs to the most beautiful influencers and many suprises in between, Babes in Toyland is an event to be experienced. If one can appreciate the beauty of the people there and the party atmosphere of Hollywood then I recommend that everyone go to check it out. Probably the best part of this event (and every Babes in Toyland event) is that the main purpose of the show is the money that they raise for charitable causes.

And to be honest, this is one of the things that doesn’t get talked about enough. This show in particular was raising money for veterans of the military. As a veteran myself I have a particular soft spot for this, and I love the respect that this show gave to them. I also appreciated all of the veterans that were at the show as well. It’s fascinating to hear the stories and see folks that I may have served with (and some that still do) make their marks in Hollywood.

All-in-all this is a great show and I really recommend everyone everyone check it out. There a so many surprises there and you’ll be helping out for a great cause. This show in particular had a special place in my heart and it was a lot of fun meeting all of the great models and influencers there. Just spectacular!

Model Furnanda stuns on the red carpet with this amazing black dress
Legendary Walter Emanuel Jones made an appearance at the show
Gorgeous Ava Capra in a lovely gold cheetah print dress
Social Media Darling and Personality Monique LeClair in an incredible blue dress
Model Courtney Tillia flexes her muscles at Babes in Toyland
Model Apolona Muzyka strikes a pose on the red carpet
Blonde Bombshell Kayley Gunner in a backless black dress

Mariya M. Allen Valez with a smile that lights up the world
Carla Longoni (left) and Fifi Bertolin (Right) stun on the red carpet
Model Erin Micklow in a very lovely purple mail dress
Model Angela Renae in a fantastic tassel dress
Katelyn Runck in one of the most delightful and unique dresses from the red carpet
Model powerhouse Corrie Yee at Babes In Toyland
Model Katherine Eftekhari is a knock out at Babes in Toyland
Orange is the preferred color of model Jessica Rose
Fitness model Katelyn Runck blows a kiss for the camera
Gorgeous model Courtney Tillia amazes the crowd in a fantastic blue dress
Two beautiful models show off their amazing outfits and smiles on the red carpet
Gorgeous with a dress to kill for
Those eyes say it all
Model looking fabulous in a striped black sequin dress
Mrs. Russian America model on the red carpet
Model Marie Sinclair looking fabulous in this dress
Another incredible model
Monique LeClair looking tantalizing in her mermaid-inspired dress
Model Demi Dior with a lovely black sparkle dress and clutch
Mabel Lei sparkles in her studded black dress
Another shot of Carla Longoni (left) and Fifi Bertolin (Right)
Delightfully dashing, this lovely blonde model is amazing in black
Hannah Nicole is just amazing on the red carpet
Mariya M. Allen Valez makes a statement with a wonderful floral dress
This alluring model stuns in red flower slip dress
Captivating model in a creatively cut black dress
Beautiful blonde model in a tantalizing bandeau dress
Shapely blonde model looking absolutely arresting
Lovely blonde model in a really lovely colored sequin dress. That mermaid sparkle is beautiful
Model in a daring cut maroon dress on the red carpet
Beautiful model Mariya M. Allen Valez is so amazing in person
Model looking ravishing in blue at Babes in Toyland
Kayley Gunner bares her fabulous decolletage for the press
Model in a sultry pink slit dress makes an incredible impression on the red carpet
Model in a flashy green romper at Babes in Toyland
Model Shahira Barry looking fabulous Babes in Toyland Hollywood
Fitness model Fifi Bertolin with a beautiful Vegas showgirl inspired outfit
Model Carla Langoni at Babes in Toyland Hollywood
Model Furnanda killing it in a stunning black dress
Corrie Yee stops for photographers at Babes in Toyland
Model in a very revealing but sexy dress at Babes in Toyland Hollywood
The fashion and fans were in abundance at Babes in Toyland Hollywood
Apolona Muzyka in a very chic outfit for the night out
Model Julia George at Babes in Toyland Hollywood
One of the sexier and more fantastic outfits from the red carpet
Shahira Barry stuns in a glamorous emerald green wraparound dress
The winner of Ms United States California shines in cheetah print
One more shot of beautiful Ava Capri in that incredible gold cheetah print outfit
Model Toi Hardy with an eye-catching cutout dress on the red carpet
Stunning model in a fabulous blue dress at Babes in Toyland
One more picture of fitness model Fifi Bertolin killing it on the red carpet
Furnanda gleaming under the lights at Babes in Toyland
This model looked so elegant in this sparkling pink champagne dress and studded shoes
Katelyn Runck and friend shine on the red carpet
Beautiful model in denim at Babes in Toyland Hollywood
Monica Goe wearing a fantastic dress with some very well-placed cutouts
One more shot of the always beautiful Courtney Tillia
Corrie looking ravishing in her grey dress
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Words and photos by Daniel Navarrete

This article was prepared or accomplished by Daniel Navarrete in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Spektrum Magazine, or its affiliates.

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