Pink Melon Collection at Miami Swim Week

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Pink Melon at Miami Swim Week

For several weeks in the summer Miami plays host to the best bikini/swim designers in the world. For those few weeks we are lucky enough to get a a peak at what these designers do best. They toil, twirl, cut and shape different materials in ways that take them to new heights. As someone who has always been into art I must admit what some of these designers do is a mix of art and magic. So, when summer comes around and Swim Week hits Miami Beach, it doesn’t just do it with a whimper, it does it with style. And designers like Pink Melon are the tip of the spear when it comes to showcasing just how hot summer in Miami can be. But this time, we are checking out one of the hottest bikini designers in Miami and seeing what they’re all about. And if Swim Week is anything like it was last year (my first time being a part of it) then we are all in for a real treat.

I had just flown into town when I hurriedly made my way over to the Fontanie Bleu (where Art Hearts was hosting this year’s show). I had never been to this show so I didn’t know what to expect. Prior to this show I had been to just a few shows and expected some more of the same. That was until I walked into the building. Now, mind you I arrived several hours before the show started so the perspective that I (was fortunate enough to) have is a little different than the average showgoer. Without anyone in their chairs and without the energy of music pumping and the crowd going wild I could still tell that this place was going to be bulging at the seams. There was a lot of energy in the air and this show was going to be awesome.

I took an open spot on the photography podium and was welcomed by another photographer. That photographer, whom I had never met before turned out to be a really nice guy. His name is Danny Batista and he is one of the most incredible photographers that I had the pleasure of meeting. He was nice enough to fill me in on some of the info of the show and a little about some of the designers featured. One of those designers was the main reason he was there in the first place, Pink Melon. I had never heard of Pink Melon (I’m from the West Coast so from time to time I am unaware of some designers) before but from the buzz in the stands everyone (and I mean everyone) knew who they were. I have to admit, it is exciting to hear buzz about what we will be shooting from other photographers. If photographers are enjoying what it is they are shooting then that means the audience is going to get a kick out of it also. We all also took notice when some of the models from Pink Melon came over before the show to say hello to Danny. Pretty cool to see and more reason for us to be excited of how this show was going to be.

That led to the beginning of the show. I was unaware of the looks Pink Melon had in their collections but quickly got the vibe of it with the opening promotional vid. It’s pretty obvious from the photos below that the inspiration for the line is pure ocean vibes. From the starfish inspired bikinis to the shiny turquoise and pink one-pieces everything has a very sexy mermaid look to it. I found out long afterwards that the collection is called “Ocean Paradise”. Very fitting no doubt! The models that were chosen to walk the runway were also just fantastic. They showed us that having great music, and outfits are one thing, but giving the audience a show and reason to smile really puts things over the top. You could tell that they were having as much fun as the audience watching it all.

This summer collection was very fun to watch and designer Sandra Santana has a lot to be proud of. If making an impression was the goal then I would say she knocked it out of the park. I hope that I will have the pleasure of checking out any upcoming collections and see her designs out in the wild. Being from SoCal it was an adventure to check out how they do it out on the east and I love the Latin vibes that Miami brings. This swim line really reflects the fun and sexiness that only this city can host. Very cool! So, come along and check out just some of the fun people and designs that I got to see that day. And if you want any of these pieces make sure to check out Pink Melon on their website and through Instagram.

When she says she’s gonna bring it, she does! Maria Vicario pumps up the crowd
Loving this shiny purple one-piece worn by Maria Vicario
The raised floral pattern on this black bikini really sets it apart from a print. Model Vanessa Bedoya looking stunning
This outfit is both over the top and very chic
A gorgeous silver top contrasts a simple string bottom
You can tell model Jessika Kolosovas was having a ball on the runway. This beautiful two-piece looks great
This red rose bikini is spectacular on model Laura Ramos
Model Maryan Velasco wearing a beautifully cut one-piece
Model Lauren Blake wows the crowd at Pink Melon
Model Virginia Sanhouse looking absolutely stunning in this starfish bikini
Twirling on the runway in a studded blue starfish bikini is model Carolina Londono
Model Lucciana Beynon rocks the runway in this beautiful mermaid inspired seashell bikini
A very lovely pink rose accented bikini courtesy of Pink Melon
With all the attitude in the world model Kemely Llanes rocks this spectacular red rose bikini
Gorgeous model Priscilla Aqilla rocking a beautiful gold sequin one-piece
Check out this fantastic pink latex bikini worn by supermodel Diliamne Jacob
Model Roxana Ventura dazzles in this beautiful chain mail dress
Model Alexia Inguanzo in a beautiful cobalt blue bikini set by Pink Melon
Eye contact is everything and the Jessica Kolosovas let the audience know when she hit the runway
This orange and gold combo is absolutely lovely
Model Dorimi Pineda holding the runway down at Pink Melon
Lovely open front floral bikini by Pink Melon Swimwear
Hitting the runway with plenty of swagger in this beautiful two-piece
The entire Pink Melon Swim Week Collection on display
Some more of the amazing bikinis by Pink Melon
Gorgeous and superbly talented, designer Sandra Santana with her models
Model Virginia Argueta stuns the crowd in this wonderful leaf print
Virginia Sanhouse shows off her incredible outfit by Pink Melon
Another look at this beautiful rose-inspired look worn by model Laura Ramos
Model Lucciana Beynon in a colorful, luminescent shell bikini
This silver and sparkle bikini shines under the runway lights
Another shot of model Vanessa Bedoya rocking a lovely cross strapped floral bikini. Kudos to Pink Melon
Swinging that hip out is model Carolina Londono in a cobalt blue bikini
I just love the attitude that Maria Vicario brings to the runway
Another look at the rockstar butterfly outfit by Pink Melon. Love it
Very nice pink rose bikini from Pink Melon Swimwear
One more shot of Maria Vicario in this fantastic purple/pink sequin bikini
Model Maryan Velasco turning heads in this superbly cut one-piece bikini
Does Jessika Kolosovas not take any bad pictures? In a word, yes. Big ups to her
Model Diliamne Jacob stuns in pink on the runway
Jessika Kolosovas on the runway yet again
One more shot of supermodel Lucciana Beynon from the runway at Pink Melon
Model Virgina Argueta leads the final pass by all the models
Another look down the runway of the Pink Melon Show
More of the wonderful models from Swim Week with Pink Melon
Swim Week with Pink Melon. Congrats and kudos to everyone that was a part of this great event
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Words and photos by Daniel Navarrete

This article was prepared or accomplished by Daniel Navarrete in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Spektrum Magazine, or its affiliates.

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