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The South Bay hosts one of the staples of Lowrider Culture with the Super Show

The Lowrider Super Show Long Beach

Ever since I was a kid I remember seeing Lowrider Magazine on newsstands. It was a magazine that I couldn’t help but take notice of. The magazine covers were just incredible. I mean, as a kid of the 80’s/90’s I remember seeing Impala’s, Monte Carlo’s, El Camino’s and plenty of classic cars on the road. Back then they weren’t as classic, (since it is 40 years later) but since then these cars have become icons in the sphere of car influence. Those transition years were really transformational. Music, cars, culture and a whole bunch of things were changing. Cars especially were starting to move away from the American muscle cars and more towards the Japanese beasts (especially the more known sports cars of the early 90’s such as the Supra and RX-7). But, never did I turn my head fast enough as to when I would see a lowrider or customized car on the road. Seeing one of these cars always got my attention and that had a lot to do with the rarity of them. But, seeing Lowrider Magazine on newsstands was something different. Not only would I get a chance to see some of the most amazing cars in the world (and I totally mean that), but that would be alongside some of the hottest girls around (and yes, I mean that too). So, who would have thought that the only thing to make the magazine even better was to bring those pages to life. Yes folks, I mean that Lowrider Magazine would put together one of the biggest shows around.

I had read in the pages of the magazine back in the 90’s that Lowrider would throw these big car shows with all of the cars straight from the magazine but with car part vendors and super hot bikini models. Back then I wasn’t too into cars and neither were a lot of my friends. So, as cool as it looked I never made it out to any of the shows. And, I don’t know why but over the years I was never quick enough to make it to any shows. It always seemed like I would find out about the shows way too late or never on time. But, I gotta say, after years of missing the boat and feeling like a bump on a log I finally made it to a show. Yes folks, I am old as shit now but hey at least I was finally able to make it to the show. Was the show as good as I was hoping it was? Yes. In a nutshell. It was a lot of fun.

It was definitely a different vibe going to one of these shows now after having been to tons of events over the years. I have seen a lot and also experienced a lot. But, while it may seem that it’s a bit cynical to say that I want you to know that it is a good thing. I’ve been to a lot of shows over the years and while I have seen some incredible things over the years it takes something special to get me excited. And I’ll tell you, the moment I walked into this show it threw me back to all of those times that I would pass through 7-11 or Ralph’s and see Lowrider Magazine on the rack. Seeing these cars that were more like moving works of art surrounded by hot girls and hearing Chicano rap playing in the background instantly took me back to my childhood. That sense of wonder is something that I still yearn for to this day (mainly because I’m an old man now at this point), and being in a place that reminds me of the fun times I had as a kid was great. Seeing cholita girls walking around and seeing the creator of Homies signing copies of his book is something that you have to experience for yourself.

It was something that I was glad to be a part of and hope to go back again to their next event. Hopefully I can check out one of those shows in another town to see how they do it. All I know is that this show was fun, and any show that can mix all of those fun elements of my East Los upbringing and mix it with a little Kid Frost can’t be that bad. Shoot, this makes me wanna go que up ‘La Raza’ and go for a cruise. You know, I think I’m gonna go do that. And for all of you, check out some of the pics down below from this last show. It was great and I encourage that if you love artwork and classic cars as much as I do definitely go. I hope to see you at the next one!

Beautiful Chevy Bel Air shines under the Convention Center lights
Some of the beautiful lowrider models at the show
Kid Frost and company belting out the classic “La Raza”
This classic Chevy is by Eloquence Car Club is just sick
While this ride is called Masquerade we’re all happy that it is very real. Just amazing
Angled shot of Masquerade
Two more beauties from the Renegade Products booth. Charisse (left) and Jazzy (right)
3-Wheeling it up and showing off some of the amazing craftsmanship on this ride
The paint and finish on this car is second to none. Incredible
Flojos Car Club repping it up at the Super Show
The scene, the lighting and the hard work put into this classic is superb
Even the engine bay on these rides are works of art
Give it up for models Az Leal, friend and Teresa Erika (Right)
1953 Chevy 3100 ‘El Codos’ bathed in some incredible artwork
Chevy Bel Air clothed in chrome, gold and red paint. Love that lighting
Lady Rose Harley Davidson bike at the Lowrider Show
Even mini lowriders make an impact at the show
This little lowrider is not just adorable it’s also functional!
Bathed in emerald and gold, this Chevy truck is flashy
Taking a look at some beautifully engraved pumps and pieces
The candy orange/tangellow paint on this car is something else. Love it
Classic Cadillac with some of the best pinstriping that i’ve ever seen
Raider-Nation was repping here in full colors. I love that mini Chucky doll. Very fitting
Man, the level of craftsmanship on these cars in unreal. When care is taken to make the bottom of the car look good then you know this level of art is at the top
Our cover car looking amazing with many back issues of Lowrider Magazine
Exploded view of one incredible lowrider
‘Sweeter Than Honey’, a 1969 Chevy Caprice just killing it
1954 GMC Pickup slammed down to the ground
‘2nd Time Around’ 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo
Chevy Monte Carlo with some amazing paint and linework. Just incredible
1989 Harley-Davidson Sporster from the Uniques Bike Club
How can you not love the set up of this ride? The skulls and Aztec calendar are a nice touch
Oh hello! Rancho Humilde models at the Super Show
Goodbye from the 2023 Long Beach Super Show
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Words and photos by Daniel Navarrete

This article was prepared or accomplished by Daniel Navarrete in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Spektrum Magazine, or its affiliates.

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