Fit Expo Back in LA and Back in the Saddle

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Fit Expo Returned back to LA and back at its regularly scheduled time. Love it!

The last few years have been really weird. With shows coming back and every event organizer under the sun planning shows one after another it has been both crazy and exciting. Last year saw the opening up of the world and a ton of events that had been on hold or had been rescheduled the last few years finally happened. I swear man, it felt like every show was happening every weekend all throughout the year. Just like the World Cup that happened this last November/December every show and event was thrown for a loop. Might I add, the World Cup happening at that time of year (for the first time in history might I add) really jacked up sports schedules all around the world. But, it was exciting nonetheless. But, change sometimes happens and we have been in the middle of that without a doubt. And that happened to the Fit Expo in LA.

Last year after a bit of a hiatus the show took place in July and really threw me for a loop. Historically the Fit Expo has been one of the first shows of the year (taking place right out of the gate in early January) and easily one of the best. So, with 2023 hitting the ground I couldn’t have been more excited for a return to form. Yes folks even though it was close to the last Fit Expo the show was now back on track. And wouldn’t know the Fit Expo was just as awesome as it had been before. But things were not all like they had been before.

I will say this. I don’t know if it is because of the fact that the show was pushed ahead or if some companies were weary to be there (or maybe it’s because the cost of booths has soared), but it was really weird not seeing some big companies like Quest, Nutrishop Bang (although I can kind of understand that one) and Stance Supplements. In fact, that was one thing I didn’t see a lot of, supplement companies. Even though it was a bit of a bummer to not see that there were still a lot of companies and competitors that showed up. And that is what matters most. You could see the smiles on people’s faces that they were happy to be there. Even though it rained that weekend there was a great amount of fitness fanatics that showed up. And that shows that there is still strength (all pun intended) within the industry. It may take a little bit of time but it is back and kicking. I honestly can’t wait for the next show.

And that leads me into where we may be going. Covid really changed the way that we look at the world. Actually, let me take that back, the policies that came from covid really changed how we interact with the world. Most events now have to follow all kinds of protocols and rules and while it has relaxed a lot more than it was a year ago they are still there. And I think while most folks can work with or around it, the cost associated with things has gone up exponentially. It doesn’t help that the economy is pretty rough right now. So, while I have hope for the future I do hope that companies don’t just rely on the norm of only using online marketing as a way to show off their products. There is something really tangible about being at an event and seeing and trying the drinks and food in-person. As well as meeting all your favorite fitness experts and influencers in-person. So, needless to say I think there is definitely a need for shows like this. I hope they don’t go away and I hope that this show stays as relevant as it has been in the past. Here’s to hoping and enjoy just some of the snaps from this past show. It was a lot of fun and there were a lot of amazing people that we met that weekend. Here’s to the next one!

The amazing team members of Reign Energy
This is one nice logo
The main entrance to the show
The team from Flex CBD were so amazing
Two of the freshest and fun people we know. Noeli and Marlisse for Celsius
Team BYLT flexing and smiling for us and the crowd
Team C4 Energy rocking it as usual
Now this is a team picture! This is JYM Supplements and they definitely roll deep
The squad for Reign Energy flex their muscles and smiles
So many energy drinks so little time. Oxy Shred with some great looking cans on display
Here is the team for Oxy Shred (EHP Labs)
Maureen Balnquisco (left) and Yarishna Ayala (right) explain to us the virtues of eating right and staying fit
The entire Celsius team is all smiles at the Fit Expo
Bucked Up was at the show and was a lot of fun
The team of Majesty Fit Gear showing off their active wear and their beautiful smiles
The spokesmodels for Free Spirit Outlet. How lovely
Even La Croix made an appearance at the show. And blessed us all with samples
Team Hydroxycut Hardcore all present and accounted for
One more shot of Noeli (left) and Marlisse (right) for Celsius Energy
Believe Supplements with some sweet baseball themed jerseys and great products
Another shot of Team Jym from the Fit Expo in LA
One more shot of Maureen Blanquisco at the Fit Expo
With a body to die for Yarishna Ayala shows us all that hard work pays off
One more picture of the queens and their throne for Reign Energy
The team for Majesty Fit was a lot of fun to chat with
Flex CBD Team smiling and teaching us all about the benefits of CBD products
This pair of beautiful ladies Maureen Balnquisco (left) and Yarishna Ayala (right) met with the crowd at the Fit Expo for some photos and fit talk
And that’s a wrap from the Fit Expo LA 2023
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Words and photos by Daniel Navarrete

This article was prepared or accomplished by Daniel Navarrete in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Spektrum Magazine, or its affiliates.

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