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  The way of life for people all over the world is one of the most interesting facets of life. People all across the world live different than one another, and those reasons are so numerous that it is hard to keep track of. Spektrum Magazine explores these nuances that change from people to people and from country to single homes. In the age of connectivity, cultures and people of varied interests are able to come together in a way that was never possible like before. This advance in technology has helped us to see and explore worlds that were once only imagined. While this may be amazing, it still doesn’t explain things as well as the people that live those cultures.

  What is it that drives one culture to celebrate fire and brimstone with an annual festival, while another culture celebrates the memories of the dead by painting their faces and colorful displays? What is it that makes these and so many more cultures of our big blue planet interesting? What is it that both brings us together as a planet, and identifies our uniqueness that makes us special? We are here to help you on this quest, and find out why. Asking those questions are what opens up new doors to the mysteries of life, and those are the questions that we are excited to answer.

  Our goal is to seek out and interact with the very people that live their scene. To find what it is that makes people live their life the way they do. We want to explore the beauty of our differences and to share that with our readers. Everyone has a story to tell and we are here to bring that to you unscripted, unrehearsed and uncompromising. This is their story.

-Spektrum Magazine