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  Food is the one of the few things that all of us beings on earth share. The thing that makes food special is the fact that it is so many things to so many people. We all have to do it to survive, and people across the world have found ways to do so, and do it really well. People deep down have a desire to be happy, and food offers up one of those comforts. We may have different languages, live in completely different climates and even see life in a completely different way. But, there is one thing that everyone wants, it’s a good meal. From the smell of an apple pie, to the intense flavors of saffron infused paella, food is an experience that touches all 5 senses and triggers a domino effect of sensations. Spektrum Magazine brings you to the forefront of the culinary world and the underpinnings of the food subcultures that thrive in multiple flavor worlds. If there is a new flavor or spice that takes the world by storm, or ancient cooking techniques that have been around for millennia, we are here to share that and much more with you.

Sharing is caring, and in this game, Spektrum aims to please. From your favorite midnight snack, to a classic home-cooked meal, food brings the joy that we want to bring to your eyes and ears.

-Spektrum Magazine