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LA Fit Expo 2020

Hitting the Ground Running at LA’s Biggest Fitness Show

The end of 2019 signaled a change in the way I was living life. I had just moved on from my old job and things were kind of looking like the new year was going to be rough. I had gotten settled at my old job and things were moving along pretty briskly. But, it’s like I learned a long time ago, if there’s one thing that you can’t do, it’s to get comfortable. I may have been working at my last place for a while, but, with very little changes it felt like things just kind of got stagnant. I was usually on edge (with the job being one of the most stressful that I’ve had) and I was working a lot. After a while it was taking a toll on me. You can only work late and weekends so much before you start to realize that you’re falling apart. So, needless to say life decided to throw a monkey wrench in to my life and force me to make a few changes. For the first time in a long time I moved on and was at a new job. I felt like this new job and change of scenery was going to be a good thing for me. If there was one thing that needed changing too it was my health. Working almost sunrise to sunset in front of a computer and constantly ordering out was taking a toll on my sexy ass body. I could have taken it easy, especially considering it was around the holidays, but maybe this was a sign that to start kicking things in to high gear. You know what one of the first things I thought of when the new year started was? Hell, it was to get ready to go check out one of my favorite shows of the year. It’s a show that I look forward to year after year, and with these new life changes, I was really looking for some motivation. There’s only one show that can do that, and that’s the LA Fit Expo.

If you’ve been with us for some time then this show is nothing new to you. We do anything we can to check out this show, and this year was no exception. The only difference is that, unlike the last few years I was in the mood for some inspiration. Well, if I wanted some inspiration I knew that I wasn’t going to have to look far. This is a show that is all about lifting up people’s spirits and helping them achieve a better lifestyle. If I was feeling crummy before I knew it wouldn’t last long coming here. And true to the last few years that we’ve come to it, it didn’t disappoint. I feel like this year was a lot more action packed than it was in years past. There were tons of companies (as always) and everyone was in a great mood. Everywhere we went and everyone we talked to was in high spirits, and this was considering the fact that just before we got to the show we had heard the news about Kobe Bryant’s passing. It was not a thing that I expected to hear and wouldn’t have imagined, but, was thankful to be around so many happy folks.

This year was exciting because we got to meet up with a few great companies and see some friends of ours as well. The folks at Beast Cookie Co. were great to chat with (we found some of our friends working there) as well as the people over at Gym Molly. I always get a kick out of stopping by Gym Molly because of their high energy and beautiful people. It’s definitely a good show that they put on. In fact, that is the name of the game when it comes to the Fit Expo. There is so much to see and the vibe is through the roof from the opening of their doors to their closing. It’s an intense place to be and I was elated to experience it once again. 2019 may have ended on a whimper, but being able to start off the new year with The Fit Expo and the people there more than energized me. I could tell also that I wasn’t the only one either.

From the time that we got to the show until the moment we left you could tell that there was a lot of positivity to go around. It was almost like there was an electric charge in the air and everyone was happy as a clam to be there. Then again, it’s not every day that this show happens, but, taking place at the beginning of the year, when people like me are working on their resolutions. It also helps when you are able to get so many samples of such great products too!

If you’re ever available to check out the Fit Expo we wholeheartedly recommend it. There’s a reason that we keep going back. In fact, there are almost too many reasons that keep us coming back. The best part about it is that the show happens in different locations throughout the year. Hopefully we will be able to check out some of the upcoming shows in different places. We are sure that the crowd will be just as exciting as it is over here. I know with such a great show I was already able to forget all of the crap that had happened last year. New Year, New Me. That’s what I say!

And now, check out some of our favorite pics from the show. There was so much to see and do (and eat!) that if I were to post everything up this article would go on and on forever. But, check out just some of our favorite moments, people and companies that we met this time around. Man, I’m getting excited just thinking about the next show. Can’t wait!

The Fit Expo Was back in town!
From the Window to the Wall! The team from GRITT
The whole crew from Global Formulas. Woot Woot!
GAT Sport was rocking and rolling at the show!
The squad at Beast Cookie Co. representing!
LiCi Fit shows off some of their newest threads at the show
The team from Blessed Plant Protein were nothing but smiles at the show
Now this is one happy team. Give it up for Aesthetic Bodies USA
The team from Victa Fit smiling for the camera at the Fit Expo!
I don’t think we found a happier booth at the show.
Testing her strength with bags of Mutant Protein. Now she’s a champ all right!
If you want some great protein and some fun peeps, look no further than Gym Molly
Magnum Nutraceuticals and their team of fitness experts at the Fit Expo
The Lopez Sisters (Miriah and Marissa) from the Extreme Football League make an appearance at the Lici Fit Booth
Tianna G and the beautiful team from Newd Sportswear
Rossa Self Tanning looking fit and sharp at the their booth
Show some love for the team members from Evogen Nutrition
Unleashed Performance was not messing around when they came out to the Fit Expo
The amazing team at Toxic Angelz Bikinis were all representin’
BYLT Clothing and their incredible cast
The booth with the best name ever; Kinda Fit Kinda Fat. I mean, how can you not fall in love with that?
The Fit and Fabulous crew at God Elite Apparel smile for the camera
NatFit Supplements was ready to rumble at the Fit Expo
Olive Drab Performance was in the building ladies and gentlemen. Give it up for the squad
Can you give it up for the folks from Onmyownwave Streetwear
Cryopain Relief with MMA Fighter
@francisngannou and team
We loved meeting the folks from UnNaturals Labs
Magnum Nutraceuticals having a great time
The team from Free Spirit Outlet living it up
You can just feel the happniess coming from Celsius Live Fit
Ghost Lifestyle models were happy meeting all of their new fans
One more shot of the cast and crew from Toxic Angels Bikinis
The gals of Pretty Fit show us some of their products
Cannabis Man
The beautiful and very strong team members of Speed Bump Energy
Body Builder and IFBB Champ Andrei Deiu at the Evogen Booth
Muscle Cheff was looking fit and fabulous at the Fit Expo
One more picture of the team of Beast Cookie Co
One more shot of the team at Beast Cookie Co
Meeting a new friend at Qure Energy
Tianna Gregory and friend at Newd Sportswear
Reign Energy Drink is one safe bet for delicious energy
It’s the 2020 LA Fit Expo
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Words and photos by Daniel Navarrete

Additional photos by Jacqueline J and Kevin Alexander

This article was prepared or accomplished by Daniel Navarrete in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Spektrum Magazine, or its affiliates.

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