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  The automotive world is a varied and illustrious one. Already in service for well over a century, the car has served people as a tool with many uses. From moving families to and from work, to tearing up the tarmac of Monaco, the car has really defined us as a mobile people and has brought the world together unlike the world before it. Every person has their very own experience with a car, and the scenes that surround them are as varied as there are vehicles.

  When that key is turned and that engine roars to life, that driver knows that something special is about to happen. From that growl that comes out of the exhaust pipes to the spooling of the turbocharger, driving a car is an experience that mean so much to so many people. The culture of cars is engrained in our lives and is so much a part of it, that it is nigh impossible to imagine a life without it. At Spektrum, we bring you up close with the owners, designers, and free radicals that make the automotive industry one that is unforgettable and timeless. Come with us and experience the pulse-pounding excitement that runs through every person’s veins when that rubber hits the road. We promise you will be pleasantly surprised.

As auto enthusiasts and fans of the industry, we make it our priority to travel the auto landscape and report on the shows and events as they happen. Industry professionals and the casual viewer can feel comfortable in the fact that we do our best to bring you the best coverage of the shows we attend and to bring you to the front of the action. Feel free to check our page for updates to shows past, present and in the future, and our social media pages for all the latest updates and hottest info.

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