Wilfredo Gerardo Collection at Miami Swim Week

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Art Hearts Presents the Willfredo Gerardo Collection on Day 2 of Swim Week

Willfredo Gerardo Collection at Swim Week 2023

Miami Swim Week is the center of the work when it comes to the finest in summer wear and bikinis. Any designer that makes it to the big show has paid their dues and has also proved that they can deliver some incredible designs. On Day 2 of the show I was fortunate enough to be in Miami and to check out designer Willfredo Gerardo’s 2023 swimwear collection. I had never been to Swim Week in Miami so I didn’t know what to expect. As much as I love the west coast, and having been at LA Swim Week previously this was exciting. The vibe and excitement in the building was incredible and I could tell that this show and everyone around it was going to be incredible. If this is what Swim Week is all about then we are all in for a treat. And to think this was only my first day there! But, I try not to get too excited as I don’t want to be let down by my own excitement. However, as soon as the lights dimmed and the first model came out from behind the walls I knew that this show was going to knock it out of the park.

Willfredo’s show did not disappoint and it was apparent that he brought to the show a diverse group of designs and beautiful models to rock them. These designs were both varied and colorful in their cuts, materials and patterns and definitely has that summer/Miami vibe. Check out this collection in the photos below and some of the beautiful models that were there on Day 2 of Miami Swim Week. It was a hell of a time and I hope that we can catch more of Willfredo’s work in the years to come

Coming right out of the gate this is the first design by Willfredo Gerardo worn by model Eden Berandoive
A closer look at this incredible one-piece by Willfredo Gerardo. The black thigh-highs and flowing cape really set it all off. Model is Eden Berandoive
Model Eden Berandoive kills it on the runway of Miami Swim Week. Spectacular!
Model Lucciana Beynon wearing a beautiful two-tone one-piece by Willfredo Gerardo
Detail of beautiful model Lucciana Beynon and the stunning one-piece by Willfredo Gerardo
This model had some great swagger on the runway, and this suit definitely fit her attitude well. Kudos!
Love this end of runway pose by this model. The color and cut of the swimsuit are fantastic.
With a sparkling sequin cape and a beautiful white two-piece bikini, this model looks both sexy and regal.
Model Virginia Sanhouse really rocked this bubblegum pink strapless two-piece bikini.
Talking about regal. This beautiful orange and pink gradient one-piece is contrasted with a royal purple cape.
The most epic of hair-flips! Model Daniela is rocking this yellow two-piece. Model is @estdani
Model shows off a very colorful floral two-piece bikini
Model Maryan Velasco in a very nice green one-piece bathing suit. Love that side cut and gold accessories
Another shot of stunning model Maryana Velasco in a beautiful Willfredo Gerardo side-cut bikini
Maryana Velasco killing it on the runway of the Willfredo Gerardo summer collection
Another stunning green bikini from Willfredo’s summer collection. That green has a slight yellow/gold tint to it that looks fantastic under lights
A nice brown two-piece with a lovely cut top
I mean, come one! How amazing does this model look walking down the runway in that blue one-piece? The fabric cuts are superb
The grand finale with model Eden Berandoive in the lead. This collection really had a little something for everyone
Lucciana Beynon makes one more pass with Willfredo’s spectactularly cut bikini
The look that could stop anyone in their tracks. Willfredo has put together quite an exciting collection
Flowing down the runway in beautiful blue one-piece
Master Designer Willfredo Gerardo and his bevy of beautiful models and outfits. Kudos on a great show!
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Words and photos by Daniel Navarrete

This article was prepared or accomplished by Daniel Navarrete in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Spektrum Magazine, or its affiliates.

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