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  Music is the acoustical language that all people of all cultures share. When strings begin to fiddle and drums start to bang, there is a primal urge that comes alive in us. Music is a language that can tell so many stories and convey feelings and emotions, and all without even saying a word. It is hard to describe, but, when a song that one enjoys begins to play, that emotional trigger and euphoria begins to take over the listener in a way that only you could describe. When that bass hits and your hips begin to move from side to side, you know that music is a full-body experience.

  Akin to food, music is for the consumption to the listener. Just like food, our brains process the rhythms and beats in such different ways. Ways that are unique to both the one playing those beats, and to the person listening to them. Not everyone sees colors the exact same way, and such is the same with music. With music, it isn’t so much about what you hear, or think you hear. But, it is about how it makes you feel. If variety is the spice of life, then music is the rhythm that we cook with. Music the world over is a language that cultures identify with and share with each other.

  If there is music to be heard and shared, then Spektrum will be there. Come along with us and see what it is that makes us smile and tap those feet.

-Spektrum Magazine