Christmas on Hollywood Blvd: A Welcome Return of the Christmas Parade

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Christmas in Hollywood

The last time that I had been to Hollywood was just a few weeks prior. I was there to cover the Babes in Toyland show. I remember there being a ton of models, celebrities and musicians running around all over the place. It was a lot of fun and the atmosphere was second to none. It was basically one big social media party with plenty of beautiful people. So, it was quite a change of scenery coming back to Hollywood for Christmastime. Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, Christmas in Hollywood (for what it’s worth) is not too different from that Babes in Toyland Show but with its very own special Christmas twist. The people are still beautiful (as always), but the fun and joy of the holidays are on full display for everyone to experience. The best part of it, it’s right after Thanksgiving and it’s as special now as it has always been.

The Hollywood Christmas Parade takes place but once a year, but oh is it so fun to go to. From the massive list of movie stars to the huge parade balloons and Santa Claus himself, there is just so much to see here. This year was the first year that was (and this is a running theme if you’ve read any of my articles from the last year) fully open and because of that the parade went all out in a big way. The red carpet was full of stars and the stands were full of fans and the sense of holiday cheer that filled the air was something that we had been missing for the longest time.

So, while we have covered this show in the past we were wondering how it was going to play out this time around. We had our doubts on there being a new set of restrictions or even people not wanting to come out that day but thankfully all of those thoughts were thrown right out the window. This really set the tone and the fun atmosphere that everyone was happy to be a part of that day.

It was really nice seeing all the other media outlets that showed up (many of whom we have seen over the years) and the bevy of movie and tv stars that graced us that day (Dean Cain, Montel Williams, Erik Estrada and Tichina Arnold to name a few). And let’s not forget all of the wonderful musicians (such as Savanna Rae and Anna Azerli) that we not only got to meet but hear belt out a few tunes for the audience. One of a lot of people’s favorite celebs to be there that day was none other than the legend himself Danny Trejo. Not only was Danny Trejo there but he was named Grand Marshall! How awesome is that!? Oh yeah, the crowd totally got into it and loved seeing him there. He brings an energy that just radiates to everyone around him. He was a great choice for marshall not only for him but for the icon that he is in LA.

If you’ve never been to the Hollywood Christmas Parade I definitely recommend you check it out. The show takes place the weekend after Thanksgiving and its after the rush of the shopping season so the timing couldn’t be more perfect. There’s a reason that this parade has been so popular and I think that a big part of that is because it kicks off the Christmas season. Check out just some of the pictures from this last show. Always good times.

Anytime Toys for Tots and all of the Veterans that work with the charity can show up it is special. Salute to the men and women that we met on the red carpet that day
The legend himself Danny Trejo and his famous actor-director son Gilbert (to the right)
The incredible honor guard for the US Air Force
The US Marine honor guard also made an appearance at the parade
Tichina Arnold and Alijah Kai Haggins hit the red carpet
Legendary actor Patrick Duffy and actress Linda Purl spreading Christmas joy
A view of the red carpet during the chaos
Dean Cain hosts the Hollywood Christmas Parade
The US Air Force Mini Jets made an appearance yet again
Producer Matt Flynn and friends from the Dinosaurs in the Valley Show
How can you not fall in love with power couple Eric and Eliza Roberts?
And these are the Days of Our Lives.. Deidre Hall and the cast of the show make an appearance on the parade route
The boss himself, Montel Williams. Huge support for another Veteran here
If you want to make a statement well here you have it. Love this group
Beautiful and talented singer Anna Azerli looking ravishing on the red carpet
She’s fashionable and she’s fabulous, Porsha Coleman makes an appearance on the red carpet
Finola Hughes from the cast of General Hospital
The 501st shows up in numbers and with the Dark Lord himself
Paul Gervasi rocking out with us for Christmas time!
Christmas cheer comes in all ages
MSGT Aaron Stewart with his special passenger of the US Air Force Mini Jets
Some of the beautiful faces of Hollywood Christmas Parade
Navy Veteran and actor Jennifer Marshall
These two beautiful ladies were a lot of fun to chat with
TSgt Neftali Rivera and his special passenger with the US Air Force Mini Jets
It ain’t the Christmas Parade if Betty Boop doesn’t make an appearance
Running away with it! Check out these scooters
With the voice of an angel, Singer Savanna Rae
The ECTO-1 is here folks. No need to panic
Actress on the red carpet
The F-16 Air Force Mini Jet with MSGT Stewart and friend
When you get spotted by the Sarge
The new F-35 Air Force Mini Jet. Very cool
It ain’t Christmas until Santa Claus Shows up
One beautiful Fire Truck opens the parade
One more shot of actress Porsha Coleman from the red carpet
One more shot of singer Anna Azerli
This is one troop that the crowd just loved
Dinosaurs in the Valley smiling for the camera
Veterans on the red carpet. Salute to these heroic Americans
Dinosaurs in the Valley make some new friends
Jennifer Marshall killing it on the red carpet
Danny Trejo and friend having a bit of a laugh on the red carpet
The beautiful faces of the Hollywood Christmas Parade
We all love the US Air Force Mini Jets
Smiles all the way around
Never mess with a Raptor
When Santa and the US Marines collab magic happens
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Words and photos by Daniel Navarrete

This article was prepared or accomplished by Daniel Navarrete in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Spektrum Magazine, or its affiliates.

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