BeautyCon 2019: Promoting Beauty from Within

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BeautyCon 2019

  So, just how exciting is it to attend one of the world’s largest beauty events? The Beautycon Festival in LA is a total sensory overload and it was so exciting that I was like a kid in a candy store!  This is an event that brings together the best of the best when it comes to anything related to beauty (including cosmetics, skin care, hair products, nail products, fragrance, beauty equipment, personal care and health/wellness products). I found myself mesmerized not only by the beauty of the different booths, displays, products, but also the beauty of all the attendees and influencers that filled the show (which takes place at the LA Convention Center). That’s about 720,000 square feet of “Beautiful”!

If you’re going to BeautyCon for the first time, the best advice that I could give you is to try to and come to the show makeup free and with natural hair. This way you can experience all of the hair and makeup samples, demos, makeovers and tutorials (with product specialists) first hand. It seemed (and I was pretty sure that it was the case), that every health and beauty brand was at the show. Many of those health brands and vitamin products promoted the fact that “Beauty starts from the inside”.  There were also a ton of beauty, health and wellness brands that had taste tastings of their products. One of those companies was Vital Proteins, which had many flavors of their collagen water. Many of the brands featured there had their latest and greatest products at unbelievable discount prices at the show.  But, for all of the products that were for sale, I must admit, the best part of the show would was all of the free swag and samples! Some of the brands (such as Target and HaruHaru) were even giving away bags full of cosmetics and beauty products. It was no surprise that there were lines at each booth. Part of the BeautyCon experience is to visit each booth and embrace the beauty from within.

If you’re going to BeautyCon for the first time, you need to have an attack plan and be ready soak in all the amazingness of the show. And what better way to do so than with your phone and camera in hand. This show has a lot going on, and one of the best things has to be that each booth had their own unique and extravagant (Instagram-ready) set-ups. Some of them even came complete with make-up and ring lighting. It was pretty cool seeing all of the unique displays and the themes they had going on. There flower & feathered walls, colorful displays with wings, thrones and costumes provided. Some booths even had their own swings and ball-pits to take pics in. I may have even saw a couple unicorns or two (all glammed up and looking mighty fine I must add). Of course, many of the decorated walls had the brand’s hashtags and user handles so you can tag on social media.

There were also a lot of (social media) influencers and talent/celebrities featured at the different brand booths, on the main show stage, on the pink (because of course, one has to be glamorous on a pink) carpet or even just walking around. There were also panels and interviews conducted on stage as well as music and dance performances. My favorite interview was hearing Arianna Huffington interview singer Ciara (check out the one of our shots from that interview down below). Beautycon is a show that not only promotes outer beauty (and outer beauty care), but on that also puts an emphasis on inner beauty, self expression and self confidence. I liked what Ciara said during her interview. “I think it’s the idea of you wear the makeup, the makeup doesn’t wear you.”  Ciara, like many loves getting their makeup done, wants everyone to realize the importance and beauty of their natural, make-up free skin, and of paying attention to one’s own inner peace. Some believe that, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but Beautycon highlights that “Everything and everyone has beauty that starts with what we have from within”.

BeautyCon and Jen
There crowds were wild at the show
Arianna Huffington, Ciara and host Jeannie Mai
There were plenty of beauties and influencers at the show
How do you define beauty?
We met so many amazing people at the show! @quiggleignacio is one such beauty,
There were tons of interviews going on at the different stages of the show
Like a shining star in the night sky
The photo booth set-ups at each booth were unique and so fun to check out
Check out how colorful the set-ups are at BeautyCon
Looking fabulous at BeautyCon
Check out all the commotion at the Sutra Booth
The booth at Reina Rebelde was so incredible
We are Brows. Loving this pink feather wall
This booth was just sooo awesome
You can’t go wrong with a pink lowrider
We were all smiles at the Yilena Lashes booth
Check out this message wall at BeautyCon. So cool!
Nails, Lashes and Hair Extensions at the Kiss USA booth

Words By Jennifer ‘Angel’ Ancheta

Photos by Jennifer ‘Angel’ Ancheta

Photos by Daniel Navarrete

For more information on BeautyCon and their upcoming shows please make sure to check out their website at BeautyCon.

This article was prepared or accomplished by Jennifer ‘Angel Ancheta & in her personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Spektrum Magazine, or its affiliates.

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