From Model to Mentor: Sarah McDowd and her Journey

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  The story behind a person is always an interesting one. Up until the point you meet someone, or find out about who they are, they have already gone through quite a lot to become the person you recognize. Sarah McDowd as most of us (including myself) have known her is mainly as a model. But, if you have ever had a chance at meeting Sarah and really get to know her, you would find out that there is a lot more to her than that.


  I first met Sarah several years ago. After seeing that a friend had photographed her to shoot some promotional shots, I was pretty impressed with the shots they had taken. He had shot her with his car (a sweet charcoal gray Nissan 300ZX), and I can honestly say I was blown away by the shots. My friend is a great photographer and seeing a car that I own myself (a Z32 turbo) in pictures was a real treat. But, it was who was in the pictures that caught my eye. The model was a beautiful blue eyed-brunette. She seemed to have that quality about her. She had a beauty that was special and separated her from the rest of the crowd. At the time I was just starting my own photography venture, and I curious about shooting with Sarah.


  Several weeks later, and a few messages I had the pleasure of working with Sarah and getting to know her. Not only was she great to work with, she was great fun to be around. She was a model, friend and future teacher that was just as interesting then as was her past. Maybe it was her smile or maybe it was her over the top sense of humor. It could be all of that, but, maybe to understand it is to know her a little better.


  Hailing from Aurora, Colorado, Sarah made her mark by co-hosting a television show named Inner Vision Unplugged. That thrust Sarah into the spotlight , and helped prepare her for her moment to shine, then and any other time. Those opportunities and many others came knocking, and the glitz and glamour of Sunny Southern California came knocking. Not too long after that, Sarah made her move to the heart of the movie industry.


  From those intense beginnings, Sarah was thrust into the mainstream. From modeling for numerous magazine articles and covers, to appearing on television shows and hosting gigs, Sarah has conquered just about everything that has been thrown her way. She traveled the country working for Falken Tires as one of their She truly has been a jack of all trades, and a great personality in every scene.


  Even after all this, Sarah has surprised us one more time by doing something that is most unexpected. Sarah has started a website to help out up and coming models, and those that really are just curious about the modeling scene in general. I am sure that any one that has ever been curious about breaking in to modeling has had questions, and Sarah decided to help answer any questions that any models might have. It really is a great resource for folks to learn the behind the scenes and inner workings of the modeling industry. Definitely check it out sometime at


  Now working as a casting director for television shows and entertainment projects, Sarah has many more notches to add to her already impressive resume. Let’s see what new surprises she’ll come up with next. 

Words and Photos by Daniel Navarrete

For more info on Sarah, check out her website at   

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