Clean Culture Closes Out the Year in LA

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Season Closer

This year started out crazy and from the moment New Year’s hit, it was an all out race to the finish. We started the year out in the middle of a “pandemic” and a few months later it is like the world is firing on all cylinders. Ever since the end of the largest shut down in world history we had been wondering what things would be like when they opened up. Well, just a few months ago we got our answer. The entire world (with a few exceptions) has opened up and shows, parties and events are at an all time high. It seems like every weekend a huge number of shows and events are taking place. And all of the stuff that didn’t take place the last two years are finally happening. The car show schedule was one of those things. As I write this we are on the verge of November and already the car season is coming to a close. A big sign of that is the Clean Culture Season Closer

It’s hard to believe but Clean Culture is already wrapping up. This show was the last for us here in SoCal, but just the beginning of the 2023 season. This time the show took place at Irwindale and was highly anticipated. There were a huge number of cars and people there, and because it was at Irwindale it was really nice to see the drag strip open. It always gets me amped up to hear the sound of roaring engines as I walk through the isles of cars.

One thing I will say, is that since the pandemic it is interesting to see all of the new cars and fans. I don’t see as many of the old teams and people from before, and while that is a bit of a bummer it is really nice to see new people. I think slowly but surely we are going to see more and more people come out, and as long as we don’t have competing shows on the weekends we’ll be good. But hot damn, are the builds really nice. I like that cars have a simple and clean look to them. Nothing overly distracting or crazy. Just clean and really, really good looking. There are some examples of the fine vehicles that we saw that day down below.

The cars and vendors were also on point that day (nice to see you again Branded, it had been a minute) and so were the models. Big ups to John Fujinami for bringing out all of the beautiful models we saw that day and for Big Abe providing his presence. And most of all, shout out to Clean Culture for putting on one heck of a show. It was definitely nice seeing things in motion once again. Even though we were not there with a booth this time, rest assured that we will be back soon. In fact, we are already on our way to make that a reality. I can’t wait to come back to a Clean Culture show yet again. You too should check them out sometime!

It ain’t an official car show without Big Abe and some models!
Sick Toyota Supra by @brivas710 and the Ovrdue Team
Checking out this Supra from the Back. Noice!
Nothing says classic like this 240. Owning one myself, I can honestly say I’m partial to them
This is one fine Challenger
This Lexus by @aus.fsport really was a feast for the eyes. That bold green and the wheel lighting really stood out. Good stuff
Wide-bodied Supra for you
Slightly looking to the right. Nice
S13 by @s13uzara looking freaking dope
Back end of the S13. Gotta love those JDM tail lights
This helmet looked really awesome. Love that design
You don’t see RX-8’s very often. Let alone one with color changing paint. Score one for the rotary!
One more shot of Big Abe and the models!
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Words and photos by Daniel Navarrete

This article was prepared or accomplished by Daniel Navarrete in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Spektrum Magazine, or its affiliates.

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