Smile: A Beauty Retrospective

Fashion / Lifestyle & Culture / December 29, 2014

  Beauty has always been a subjective thing. What one person may find attractive may not have the same effect on another. It has often been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. A statement that is true like none other. But, while this may be true, maybe the real beauty lies with the reasoning behind it. Think about it sometime. Why is it that you like certain aspects about beauty? What is it that makes you smile from ear to ear whenever the idea runs across your mind?


  2014 was just recently crowned (in some media outlets herein the U.S.) the year of the butt. Yeah, believe it or not. While it is easy to scoff at the subject and how ridiculous it may sound, there is a nugget of truth to that. Well, depending on who you ask. What was once seen as almost taboo territory on television is now the cream of the crop on media of all types. I mean, how can you not turn on a television and be reminded of Kim Kardashian or Ninki Minaj’s pom de force? The butt is now a milestone of beauty that brings people to attention every time it is mentioned. Oh how the times have changed. Well, maybe for some folks.


  Beauty though, is as much a part of cultures as is their unique make ups. What one culture finds attractive may be totally different in another part of the world. From the elongated necks of women of Indonesia to the ornately dressed flamenco dancers of Spain, the beauty standard is incredibly flexible. So, what is beauty and what makes it so unique? That is a question that is up to the individual to decide. But, one thing that is certain about beauty, it in itself is a wonderful thing that we all want to experience. Like your favorite midnight snack there is a beauty for you, and that is just amazing.

-Spektrum Magazine


Daniel Navarrete

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